Aureliana is a Italian Romanian fashion brand, that draws its inspiration from a mixture of literature and art to create items that are both opulent and escapist.


Our signature piece is the corset, as a form of armour that enchants and empowers.

The Aureliana Woman has a seductive magnetism that has to be feared, as she is alluring, melancholic and devastatingly stunning. Wearing silk kimonos over Chantilly Lace Bustiers, Aureliana plays the part of the temptress, an erotic but invulnerable woman. A nymph in disguised.



Aureliana is committed to make beautifully crafted clothes. This is why our premier work in Alta Moda ateliers and have years of experience in old sewing techniques and their meticulous attention to detail is best reflected in our corsetry.

We only use high quality natural fabrics Italian silk, cotton, viscose and wool, France Solstiss and Sophie Hallette Chantilly Lace and Great Britain Velour.

Creative direction

Our designer and founder, Alexandra Toie-Ionita, began her career in fashion journalism. During the years spent working as a fashion editor for Harper’s Bazaar, Beau Monde Romania she explored her dreams of nymphs and pre-Raphaelite Muses through her fashion editorials. With Aureliana, the next natural step in Alexandra’s career, she wants to extend the same vision into fashion design.