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Aurelianashop.com commits not to transmit user’s personal data to third parties and to use them only for establishing contact with its customers and informing them about certain aspects related to the functions of the website and its offers.

The company will retain the personal data and will use them with the purpose of informing the users of their account on www.aurelianashop.com, the status and evolution of their orders and also for evaluating the goods and services offered.
Aurelianashop.com may notify users of their current offers by weekly newsletters and may send greeting cards, gift cards or other special messages.
Aurelianashop.com does not promote SPAM. Any user that has provided an explicit email address on www.aurelianashop.com can chose that his/hers address to be deleted from our data base. Also, if the users do not want to receive the weekly newsletter mlh-shop.com, they can unsubscribe.

For more information, assistance, notifications and complaints send us an email on office@aurelianashop.com